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AS OF Oct 1. 2013  …………………………………….



Wyoming Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment Program has paid eligible hospitals and providers that have registered and attested in the Incentive Program over $11.7  million Dollars !!

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Link to CMS Stage 1 Core & Menu Information for EPs

The link below is to the Eligible Professional Meaningful Use Table of Contents Core and Menu Set Objectives.

Each link on the page gives an over view of each objective for the Core and Menu Set of Meaningful Use, Stage 1 for eligible professionals.

CMS EP Table of Contents / Core and Menu Set Objectives

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CMS Info for Core Measure 14 – Electronic Exchange of Clinical Information:

Please use the links below for more information on the meeting Core Measure 14 for Stage 1 of Meaningful Use.


FAQ: 10691

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There is a link under the Resource Tab of comman FAQs from the CMS site

Please Contact Us if there is a specific FAQ that you would like posted

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Documentation Required for EHR Attestation***

1. Any providers allowing another person to complete the registration and attestation process in the Wyoming Medicaid EHR Program is required to complete and submit a “Provider Authorization Proxy” 

Provider Authorization Proxy

2.  Proof of EHR – Must be a document showing a binding agreement between provider and vendor.

a. Contract between entities

b. Invoice showing payment (actual numbers can be blacked out)

c. Purchase Order

(A vendor letter is not acceptable)

3. Exact Name and Version of EHR system

4. Patient Volume Methodology

a. Date range must be 90 consecutive days from previous year.

-  For 2011 Payment year – volume is determined from 2010

(Calendar Year for Providers / Federal Fiscal Year for Hospitals)

b. Total Medicaid encouters divided by total encounters during same time period

*Providers may include hospital encounters that are billed through clinic

*Hospitals count only in-patient discharge and Emergency Department encounters

c. Encounters may be broke out from bundled charges.

d. Method used to determine Medicaid volume must be same method used for total volume.

***RHC’s / FQHCs  that include needy individuals in patient encounters:

Proof of sliding fee scale with methodology used to determine needy individuals.

*** Hospitals Must Also Include:

  • Most recent Cost Report
  • Any other documents used for incentive calculation




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AS OF January 21. 2013  …………………………………….

Wyoming Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment Program has paid eligible hospitals and providers that have registered and attested in the Incentive Program a total of  $10 million Dollars !!

Wyoming Medicaid has also begun making Year 2 payments!

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Wyoming User Manual Now Available


The user manual for the WyMIPP registration and attestation is now available for review. It can be accessed under the resources tab on the home page or by using the link under quick links.

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Quick Links to CMS Webinars


Links to CMS Webinars regarding registration and attestation processes have been added. Please click on any of the links below or under Quick Links on the home page to view any of these webinars. 

When the Wyoming EHR Incentive Payment Program (WyMIPP) is ready to launch, additional instructions specifically  for the Medicaid registration process will be available.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Registration for Eligible Professionals

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Registration for Eligible Hospitals.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Attestation for Eligible Professionals

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Attestation  for Eligible Hospitals

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A new FAQ has been posted on Medicaid patient volume

Q: For the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, can a non-hospital based eligible professional (EP) include their in-patient encounters for purposes of calculating Medicaid patient volume even if the patient is included in the eligible hospital’s patient volume for the same 90-day period?

A: Yes, an EP who sees patients in an in-patient setting, and is not hospital based, can include the in-patient encounter in their Medicaid patient volume calculation. Both an eligible hospital and an EP can include an encounter from the same patient in their Medicaid patient volume calculations, respectively. This is because the services performed by the EP are distinct from those performed by the eligible hospital. Section 495.306 defines an encounter as a service performed by either an EP or an eligible hospital in which Medicaid has financial liability. An EP who sees patients in an in-patient setting bills Medicaid for the services personally rendered by the EP, while at same time the hospital bills Medicaid for the services rendered by the hospital, such as the bed and medications. Given that these are two distinct sets of services for the same patient, both the eligible hospital and the EP can count them as an encounter for Medicaid patient volume if they happened to select the same 90-day period.

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Kemmerer Hospital First to Meet Electronic Health Records Milestone!

South Lincoln Medical Center in Kemmerer reached an important milestone recently for using electronic health record (EHR) technology under the Medi­care EHR Incentive Program.

SLMC is the first hospital in Wyoming and one of the first Critical Access Hos­pitals (CAH) in the nation to complete a 90-day period of demonstrating EHR “meaningful use” as defined by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).  A CAH is a rural hospital located at least 35 miles from any other hos­pital with no more than 25 inpatient beds.  SLMC, a 16-bed facility, has been serving the area since 1961.

Having reached this milestone, SLMC qualifies for a federal incentive payment from Medicare. The Medicare EHR Incentive Program is a CMS effort de­signed to encourage the adoption and use of electronic health records. The Wyoming Department of Health is developing a Medicaid EHR Incentive Pro­gram, which is also likely to provide incentive payments to the Kemmerer hos­pital later this year.

Wyoming Department of Health Director Tom Forslund said, “South Lincoln Medical Center’s achievement is a welcome demonstration that electronic health record initiatives can be successful in Wyoming.”

Forslund’s department includes Medicaid, which has been developing an in­formation technology initiative known as the “Total Health Record.” As one step toward reaching the “meaningful use” milestone, SLMC transmitted an electronic record from SLMC’s EHR system to the department’s Total Health Record system. “We see a critical role for the Total Health Record in improv­ing efficiency and quality of care for Medicaid clients,” Forslund said.

SLMC employees were involved with the selection and installation of the ap­propriate software and training to meet “meaningful use” guidelines. “Our fo­cus has been to improve the quality of patient care and patient safety in addi­tion to improving the exchange of information among healthcare providers and patients through our EHR,” said Eric Boley, SLMC chief executive officer.

SLMC received support and technical assistance from Health Technology Ser­vices, which has been designated by the federal government as the Regional Extension Center (REC) for Wyoming.  The REC works under a federal coop­erative agreement to allow smaller facilities to affordably achieve their health information technology goals.

The Medicare EHR Incentive Program was authorized under the Health Infor­mation Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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