WDH Public Health Meaningful Use Measures

Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records
The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) 
offers Wyoming's eligible professionals and eligible hospitals the opporturnity 
to qualify for incentive payments by demonstrating meaningul use of certified EHR 
For Stage 1 of Meaningful Use, eligible professionals and eligible hospitals must meet 
15 core objectives and 5 of 10 menu objectives. One of the menu objectives must be 
specific to public health. The Final Rule for Stage 1 of Meaningful Use specifies that an 
eligible professional or eligible hospital may meet the public health menu objective by 
one of the following:
1. Submitting electronic immunization data from the provider's EHR to an 
immunization information system (Immunization Registry);
2. Submitting electronic data about reportable lab results from the provider's
EHR to a public health authority; or
3. Submitting electronic data about syndromic surveillance from the provider's 
EHR to a public health authority.
 At this time, the Wyoming Department of Health is evaluating and planning for solutions 
which will offer Wyoming professionals and hospitals the the ability to connect their 
certified EHR systems to public health databases. The goal of the WDH is to design 
and implement a solution which offers standardized connectivity at a reasonable cost. 
Immunization Reporting
Wyoming's Immunization Registry (the "WyIR") will use the standardized VXU, VXQ, and VXR 
transaction for data exchange. Transactions submitted to the WyIR must be formatted in 
HL7 v.2.3.1 or 2.5.1.
During this period of design and evaluation, the WyIR is not onboarding providers or
able to accept test submissions.  
Both the WyIR connectivity implementation guide and the WyIR HL7 implementation guide
will be available online soon at wyomingincentive.com.

Reportable Lab Results/Syndromic Surveillance

If you wish to submit reportable lab results or syndromic surveillance information from
your certified EHR technology to WDH, please "Contact Us". 

Documentation for Meaningful Use

If you wish to ask for an exclusion from the public health reporting requirements for the 
purposes of qualifying for an EHR Incentive Payment Program payment, you may request 
documentation of your inability to test submission of electronic data from your EHR to 
the WDH's public health programs by "Contacting Us".

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